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The Knockabouts BandshamrockIn the little hamlet of Flagstaff, Arizona, John McGregor bought a bottle of Bushmills Irish Whiskey and dove in head first. Ordinarily, this would be just another Tuesday afternoon. However, from this bottle of Bushmills, great inspiration was born. Thus began the journey of the Knockabouts, Arizona's favorite Celtic Pub Band.

Just like our founding beverage, the Knockabouts are the perfect blend of time-honored tradition, bawdy good taste, rowdy energy, and smooth harmonies. The Knockabouts' music brings the best of authentic traditional pub tunes, and blends them with a unique sound that can only come from a band that appreciates a good whiskey, the way the Knockabouts do.

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Kris ColtshamrockKris Colt & The Black Rose Band have been popular attractions at Celtic fairs and festivals through out Southern California for the past several years. Kris is an accomplished singewriter-both lyricist and composer- whose debut CD The Voyage A Mystical Journey,is distributed by New Yorks Dara Records. Selections form The Voyage received national airplay across the United States and Canada and reached #26 on NAV national music chart.  The song"Has anybosy Seen Mary?" from the above inspired an entire Irish muiscal production in Hollywood for which she composed all the music.  Collt's current single, "Arms of a Stranger," from her upcoming album has alrready received acclaim on national commercial radio. She is extremely proud to work with her extraordinary band mates, Phil Ernst on guitar, Steve Ayvazion on vocals and percussion, Ed Lalo Lindgron on the classic Irish harp, and Peter Maloney on fiddle and mandoiline, while Kris herself as lead vocslist also plays the guitar, and ancient Irish Boddhron drum.

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Brick Top Blaggersshamrock

Brick Top Blaggers is breathing new life into the Celtic music scene of Southern California. The band was started in the fall of 2009 and currently features Steve Almond (vocals), Dustin Lindberg (bass), Matt Maulding (accordion/bagpipes/whistles) and Nolan Lynch (mandolin), Daniel Murillo (guitar), Nick Morgan (fiddle) and Kevin Ousley (drums).

The band's love of traditional Irish and Scottish music and hard- hitting punk rock bring a unique, signature sound to the streets from Los Angeles to San Diego. They perform at pubs, clubs and festivals throughout the year and have opened for artists like Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), The Fenians and Young Dubliners.

They have a residency at The Shamrock in Murrieta and perform frequently at O'Sullivan's in Carlsbad and at Dublin Square in San Diego.

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The Galway Hooker Band

The Galway Hooker Band is a group of musicians dedicated to their art. All have been long time musicians who have individually preformed in many different venues from orchestras to garages.  A professional guitarist, a rock bassist, a hardened drummer, a punk singer, a longtime fiddler, and a classically trained flutist combine to make Irish music with a rock edge.

Their unique blend of “in your face rock” and traditional Irish tunes pleases crowds of all kinds. The fans vary, in ages from 12 to 75, and in taste from rockers to Celtic music aficionados.

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